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It’s not a surprise that the aluminum doors for garages are getting more sought-after by homeowners. In fact, they have similar characteristics with steel doors, and they’re less costly. Have expert technicians put up your garage doors made of aluminum. Call Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair at (555) 555-5555 for professional advice and top-quality service.

aluminum garage doors

You can count on Martin Garage Door and Repair Spring for premium quality Aluminum Garage Doors

If you select Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair You can choose from a variety of garage door designs made from aluminum and designs, as well as shapes and sizes. Additionally, we have a our own team of trained, qualified and highly skilled technicians who can put up your door according to the most stringent standards.

If you’re looking to have your garage door work at its best You should rely on professionals in the area. In the field of garage door installation, maintenance or repair Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair is the industry top-rated company.

What is the difference between an Aluminum and a Steel Garage Door?

This question may not be as simple as you might believe. Both materials have their advantages and drawbacks. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Energy Efficiency

Remember that your garage is one of the most expansive openings in your home. You must take into consideration how energy efficient your garage door since it is a key element in regulating temperature within the space. This is why you must make sure that the garage door is adequately insulated.

Steel is typically 2.5 times denser than aluminum and is therefore more insulating. Furthermore its thermal conductivity is four times lower than aluminum.

While steel is doing better at controlling the temperature inside, Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair can tailor the insulation of your garage door in aluminum. Our technicians will make sure that it has the right R-value so that it’s the most energy-efficient you’d like.

Environmental Impact

It is possible to ask how sustainability can have anything to have to do with the garage door. In the end, eventually you’ll need to remove and replace the garage door. Also, you should consider the location where your garage door goes.

When it comes to recycling related aluminum has been thought of as a sustainable metal. Recycling aluminum requires 95 percent less energy than producing out of raw materials. In addition, recycling steel consumes 74 percent less energy than making it from raw materials.


Of course, every homeowner would want to get the most for their dollars. If you’re looking for affordability and affordability, then an Aluminum garage door can be the best option. But don’t think that because the door is cheaper than one constructed of steel, it is of poor quality.

Aluminum is also extremely durable and lasts for a long time. The reason it is less expensive is because it requires lesser energy and resources to reuse the materials. Aluminum is cheaper to make, making it a reasonable choice in garage doorways.


Since steel is naturally more dense so it’s more durable in comparison to aluminum garage doors. Furthermore the steel doors are less likely break, deform or warp. Although steel is more durable than aluminum, you should be aware of its vulnerability towards corrosion. That we’ll examine in the next section.


Garage doors are open to weather conditions and doors made of steel may be rusty over time. However aluminum is anti-corrosive. Since it’s a lightweight material, its strength will last longer.

You should also make preventive steps to make sure the garage door is maintained at its top performance. You can benefit from the garage door tune-ups or examination services. Our team can spot the tiniest of issues and help prevent the issue from turning into costly problems.


The garage you have is as safe by the security door which surrounds it. If you pick a door that is made of the thin layer of material, then thieves could break in with the force of their hands.

Today, accidents and bumps occur frequently in garages. This is why you should choose doors that are not damaged easily. In the end, the durability of the garage door will determine the total security and strength of your garage.

Both steel and aluminum can be utilized to make an effective garage door. But, because steel is more dense and heavier and more dense, it is less prone to dents. This is another reason that many businesses choose metal garage doors in commercial buildings.

How Long Will Garage Doors Made of Aluminum Last? Garage Doors last?

Garage doors made of aluminum will are durable and last for at minimum two decades. Keep in mind that the functionality of your garage door will depend on the springs that you put in. For instance, torsion springs may endure between 10,000 and 20,000 times before they require replacement. If you utilize your garage at minimum five times every day then your springs will last approximately three years.

The positive side is that you can go to go with Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair’s MaxLife Springs. The torsion springs are made using a careful procedure and top of the line materials. They can last up to eighty-nine thousand cycles or two decades before needing replacement.

Custom-designed aluminum garage doors for Your Specific Needs

As we’ve mentioned that aluminum garage doors are popular due to their resistance to corrosion or corrosion, their affordability, and long-lasting. Furthermore, you are able to customize the door to your preferences in style and technical specifications.

Our team of experts will ensure that the appearance of your garage door made of aluminum is seamless with the overall look that you have in your home. For clean and sleek lines you can choose to include glass, vinyl, or any other material. We can seal the panels for additional weather protection.

You can pick from a variety of colors, including blue, brown, green red, black and more!

You can expect your garage door made of aluminum to be able to meet your design specifications.

Rely on the experts for your Garage Door requirements

Keep in mind this Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair provides more than garage doors for installation. We also provide full service as well as maintenance and repair. We install garage doors and our goal is to be your companion throughout your lifetime by offering you high-quality work and attention to the smallest of details.

  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to oxidation and corrosion
  • Also, it can be sealed to provide extra weather protection.
  • Similar qualities to doors made of steel
  • Expert and experienced technicians
  • Free cost estimates and expert advice

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