Garage Door Opener Inspection

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns about the possibility of death due to defective openers for garage doors. It is therefore essential that you hire a qualified garage door technician examine yours often. Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair We can conduct an inspection of your garage door opener and examine the door’s components for safety reasons.

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Garage Door Opener Inspection

Do You Need to Service The Garage Door’s Opener?

The garage door is an important part of your home. It offers the convenience of accessing your garage with the click of an button. Furthermore, it improves the curb appeal of your home.

It plays a vital role in safeguarding your home and safeguarding your precious belongings. It only is natural to ensure it is taken care of. If you’re not convinced Here are a few of the reasons you should have inspection services from a qualified garage door technician

Garage Door Safety

Over time, garage door openers fail. Since you’re using the door at minimum five times every day. Therefore, if you don’t check your door frequently, it could fail in a sudden manner. Imagine what could happen when you’re pulling from your garage when the door that weighs hundreds of pounds lands upon your back. A regular inspection of your garage door opener will help you find minor problems prior to them becoming serious problems.


If problems with your garage door opener are spotted and addressed promptly, you are able to save money on repairs. If you don’t pay attention to the signs that indicate a problem that your garage door is not functioning properly, the opener can put unnecessary stress on the other parts in the garage. At some point, a small problem can lead to the need for a major replacement of your garage door. However it is a good idea to ensure that garage door components are routinely examined, the costly problems could be prevented.

Dependable Protection

Your garage houses many of your most important belongings. If the garage door opener isn’t working it will be much easier for burglars to gain entry into your home. Therefore, if you wish to ensure the security of your garage door, it is essential to conduct regular inspections.

What’s involved in a Garage door opener inspection?

Yes, checking your garage door opener yourself could help you save money in the beginning. If you’re looking to make sure that all issues are addressed, the best choice is to employ an expert garage door expert. The inspection is a lengthy process and if you fail to spot something, you could cause further issues with you garage door.

To aid you in understanding the procedure, we’ll show you the steps to follow in an inspection of a garage door opener:

  1. A visual inspection of the system – Determine for excessive looseness in the chain or belt.
  2. A visual inspection of the opening’s top. Verify that the sprocket is free of metal shavings and make sure it’s straight.
  3. Check the visual inspection of safety eye sensor Examine if the LEDs are functioning and if there’s no damage to the safety eye housing made of plastic.
  4. A visual inspection of the console on the wall – See whether the wiring is in good shape and the console is functioning effectively.
  5. Checking the limit of the opener Use the console on the wall to adjust the limits of open and close for the opener.
  6. Test security eye sensor When your door closes, remove the security beam in order to see whether the door will turn to fully open.
  7. For force testing your garage door opener Put a block on the floor directly under the door. After that you can use the remote controller to shut the door. The door will return to fully open when the auto-reverse feature has been working.

As you can observe, Garage door opener examination is an arduous step-by-step procedure. If you do not follow even one step, you could endanger the security for your garage doors.

Receive Emergency Garage Door Service from trained technicians

As a reliable service provider for many years, Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair aims to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We provide a variety of top quality and elegantly designed garage doors. In addition, we offer garage door tune-ups as well as inspect services.

We have an team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, who are able for the task of service the garage doors as well as of its components. If you call us to assess the condition of the garage door opener, you can count on unbeatable service along with customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, we offer 24/7 emergency garage repair service. If your garage door malfunctions in the early hours of morning or evening We will be there to help you.

Have a professional technician inspect your Garage Door Opener

As we’ve said that your garage door is probably the largest and most significant piece of equipment you have in your home. It is used at minimum five times each day. This means it is exposed to stress each day. To ensure the longevity that your garage door will last, and to protect yourself you should have a regular tune-up and inspection.

Remember that, of all the parts of the garage door the opener is most likely to cause accidents. In the end, it’s responsible for lifting the massive door.

This is another reason Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair has door openers equipped with two safety features that reverse. These parts are made in accordance with the industry standard that is governed by the U.S. Federal Law (U.L. 325).

If you choose us to set up your garage door the opener will be equipped with an electrical safety edge, as well as photoelectric eyes. These features enable the door to turn back whenever it senses an obstruction. When you visit Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair we’ll ensure the safety features mentioned above are working properly.

  • You can expect 100% satisfaction from the garage door opener service
  • Beautifully crafted and of top quality garage doors
  • Highly trained, qualified and skilled technicians
  • 24-hour emergency garage door opener service
  • More than 20 years worth of garage door experiences
  • Free on-site cost estimates

When you select Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair You will be one of our many lists of happy customers. We apply our years of experience into every garage door that we put up and service. For us, no task can be too large or small.

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