Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Repair

Since cables play a vital part in the opening and closing of the garage doors, it is important to maintain them in good state. If you notice any signs of problems with your garage door’s cable call our experts by calling (555) 555-5555.

We Prioritize Your Safety

In the field of repairs and installations for garage doors, Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair has been known as the leader in the field since 1998. Since 1998 our customers have praised us for the importance we place on quality and security. We’ll make sure that the door is functioning smoothly and throughout our work, we’ll be following all safety procedures.

So, our services are accompanied by a thorough inspection of every garage door component. We’ll take a close look at the cables since it rapidly wears out. If not taken care of, cable can break and cause accidents and injury.

Every time we take on a project We always conduct security checks on every project we manage. Our commitment toward customer satisfaction is apparent in the ongoing Yelp 5 star ratings and Aand BBB ratings and Angie’s List Super Service Award we are awarded.

What’s the function of Garage Cables for Doors?

The cables are positioned on each side of the garage door. By using extension springs and torsion springs these cables permit garage doors move between floors effortlessly. If a cable fails and the other one fails, it will be subject to additional stress. Then, eventually, it will fail.

The cables will be located on the lower part inside the garage doors. They are attached to either end of the shaft that is used for torsion springs. The cables are unwrapped or wrapped around the drum when the torsion spring rotates it. This lets the door go either way. When doors are opened and the spring is pushed up, it will turn.

As we’ve said, if any of these cables breaks the door will become uneven. The additional stress will be placed on other parts of the garage, including that of garage doors’ rollers as well as tracks. Therefore, it is important that you replace damaged cables as fast as you can. It will avoid further costly issues.

What are the different types of Garage Door Cables?

Before you decide to replace the garage door cables it is important to know what kind of cable you should replace. Let’s talk about everything you should be aware of concerning these wires. This way, it’ll make it easier for you to comprehend the complete repair or replacement procedure.

Torsion Spring Cables

The majority of garage doors are equipped using torsion springs. The cables serve as the conduit for winding the springs. Spring energy is released through unwinding, which allows them to raise the garage door once it’s opened. When they break, the spring cables break into place, the springs will not be able unwind and unlock the garage door.

There are springs torsion at the bottom corners of the garage door.

Extension Spring Cables

As opposed to torsion springs springs expand and contract in order to close and open the door. The cables are fixed to the side.

In general, if there’s not enough room above garage doors, professionals recommend using extension springs. They are not as secure than torsion cable. If extension cables break they can cause the spring to break away from the pulley mechanism and cause harm.

Other types of garage Door Cables

Garage doors also can contain three different kinds of cables:

  • Lifting cable – Usually it’s the first to break because it goes through a great deal of stress. It is responsible for supplying power to the axle to shut and open the door to garage.
  • Safety cable or retaining cable Extension spring systems employ this cable to stop springs from falling. It serves as a failsafe device in the event that the main cable fails.
  • Cable for emergency release This cable enables people to use the springs to unlock the garage door manually.

How do I tell What to do if my cable is damaged?

Since cables are vital in moving through your garage, you have to repair them before you notice beginning of symptoms of damage. Here are some indicators you should look for in order to tell when your cable is in trouble:

Door that is not aligned

If you notice that your door isn’t aligned, it might be a problem in the cable. You’ll be able to tell that the alignment isn’t right when you’re having trouble raising or lower it.

Instead of moving effortlessly the door might begin to move in a lurch. In the event that the door falls not on track, it may be struck by other materials and produce an eerie sound.

Malfunctioning Bearings

The cables for garage doors travel across the bearings. If these bearings fail they may result in premature wear and tear over the wires. It is evident when bearings emit grinding or squeaking noises while the door is moving. The bearings that are defective also emit a smell of burning.

Loud Noise

If you hear a loud thud from your garage, you can conduct an investigation. If you are unable to determine what caused the noise it could be due to the cables or springs. Damaged springs or cables can result in an explosion of sound. If this happens, call Martin Garage Door technicians to find out the cause of the loud thud.

Malfunctioning Garage Door

In the event that your garage does not perform as usual, or is unable to move in any way then the cables might require replacement. In this case, for instance, the door has been slowing down, or is moving too fast. If you observe these things will likely require repairs.

Falling Cables

If you observe the tension loosening or cables slipping around the door, then it might be something wrong with your cables. Verify that they’re still wound over the drums. If not, you shouldn’t open the garage doors. It’s time to contact Martin Garage Door technicians for emergency repair services.

What happens if a Garage Door Cable is damaged?

If the cables break off, you shouldn’t open your garage’s door. Most cables break due to damage and wear. But, other elements such as moisture, corrosion and worn-out bearings may make them break. If you attempt to use your garage door that has broken cables, you could cause more damage.

It’s not easy to tell if a wire is broken. The best way to determine if a cable has snapped is to speak with a reputable Garage Door Technician.

How to replace Garage Door Cables

Each year every year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns of the possibility of death caused through garage doors. Although you might think about fixing your garage door’s cables yourself, it is important to be thinking about your security. Keep in mind that your garage door is one of the most moving area in your home. It can be a complicated and risky.

If you’re not aware of the right way to proceed you could cause further harm. Remember garage doors come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You’ll require mechanical and technical skills, and the correct tools to repair it.

Now, you may ask, “How do I know if I need a professional?” You must allow Martin Garage Door technicians handle the garage door cables if you are expecting to receive the following:


If you’re concerned about security, it is best to go for a professional. The springs and cables endure lots of pressure. If they’re handled improperly they could result in injuries and even cause death. Unaware of it, a novice can be crushed by it. There are many things that could fail. It’s recommended you leave repairs to experts.


If you employ professionals to repair your damaged garage door’s cable, count on them to complete the task correctly on the first time. Due to their many years in the field, they will effectively pinpoint the source of the issue. They’ll also have a solution in hand. With skilled techs working on the garage door you can anticipate repairs to be completed quickly and efficiently.


Another advantage of hiring experts is the guarantee of quality service. At Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair We provide 30 days of labor warranty. If a problem persists during that time our experts will come back to fix it. We don’t need to do this since we always get the job done perfectly the first time, that’s the Martin Garage Door guarantee.

What’s the Cost to fix a cable on a garage Door?

As per Home Advisor, the average cost of fixing the cable for a garage door is about $90-$350. Repairing the cable is likely to cost between $15 and $50. If you’re looking to get an idea of what you’ll need to shell out take a look at the cost calculator for garage door repairs. cost estimates.

Get Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair Service for Your Garage Door Cables

If you’re using a torsion or extension spring, there are always cables attached to it. As we’ve said that these cables play an important part in lifting the weight of your garage door. Since they perform an extremely heavy task they’re usually subject to substantial wear and wear and tear.

In the case of the maintenance and replacement of garage doors’ cables, put your faith in professionals. The entire procedure is not easy. If you do not have the appropriate expertise and equipment you could be a victim of fatal injuries.

You can trust that Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair will repair the garage door cable with the highest quality professionalism, safety, and security.

We treat every job you do Like We Had It As If

If you choose to hire Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair for repair of your garage door You can count on top quality service.

Additionally, we are available all day all seven days of the week. Whatever the issue with your garage door is, we’ll be available to help. We also provide cost estimates as well as expert guidance.

If the garage door’s issues have been a source of frustration for you in the early hours it is possible to avail of our 24/7 Emergency Service. We’ll always provide quick solutions to the issue.

Contact us by dialing (555) 555-5555.

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