Garage Door Drum Replacement

A loud or shaky garage door may be a sign of damage to the drum. Contact Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair at (555) 555-5555 Our technicians can quickly identify and correct the problem.

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If you notice any early symptoms of a garage door issue it is recommended to contact expert technicians right away. In the event that you don’t, the issue will impact other parts and cause additional costly damages. And, even more dangerously it could happen that the door crashes suddenly, inflicting fatal injuries.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair. We have an entire team of fully educated, and knowledgeable technicians that can effectively maintain your garage door. We appreciate your confidence and trust. Therefore, we guarantee the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the garage door drum’s problem.

Garage Door Drum Replacement

What is What is a Garage Door cable drum?

There are garage drums for garage doors of various sizes, based on the height of the garage door in addition to the quantity of lift it requires.. Size of the drum can also depend on the length of the cable that lifts it. Most garage door drums for residential use have an ordinary hub. While commercial garage doors come with keyed hubs.

To comprehend how garage door drums operate it is essential to understand what the purpose of spring systems. It serves as a counterbalance for the door, while the drums and cables offer lifting capabilities. The lower corners of the garage door have cables connected to the bottom corners. The cables run to the top of the door and then wrap around the drum which is attached with the bar that springs.

The cables are wound around the drum while doors to the garage open. As the door closes the cables come off the drum. If the drum or cables fail the garage door may not shut or open smoothly.

What are the different types Of Garage Door Cable Drums?

Cable drums typically come in standard-lift, vertical-lift and high-lift variations. As we’ve already mentioned the cable drums use torsion springs that keep the garage door in balance when it is closed and opened.

Standard-Lift Garage Door Drum

In the majority of cases the standard-lift cables are straight. The grooves on the drums toward the outside side of the door are elevated. This helps keep the garage door level when it is opened.

Vertical-Lift Garage Door Drum

The garage drums that have vertical-lift are taller in the height compared to conventional-lift drums. The cable will be farther away from the shaft when the garage door is shut. As the door opens the cable is able to wind itself around the drum, and then moves close to the shaft.

High-Lift Garage Door Drum

Similar to standard-lift drums, high-lift cable drums also feature an elongated portion. In addition, they feature an elevated portion similar to the vertical-lift drums. When doors open vertically cables run along that raised section. As soon as the door begins to move along its horizontal tracks, the door shifts to the flat part.

Why do cables slip off from the Garage Door Drums?

When the springs have applied the appropriate degree of pressure to cables and the garage door opens to open. If the cables function properly they will be able to wrap around the drums, and then lift the door. However, cables could fall away from rollers. Here are a few reasons why this could happen:

Damaged Torsion Springs

Certain garage doors feature only one torsion spring whereas others come with two. If one spring ruptures, tension will be released from the cables, causing them to pull away from the drum. In this case it’s likely for the door to fall down.

In the event that there are two torsion springs the spring that is working may keep the door in place. In the two cases, you should not make use of your garage doors. Instead, you should call Martin Garage Door technicians for urgent garage repair services.


The auto-reverse mechanism of garage doors and photo safety eyes stop it from closing onto objects below. If these functions are not functioning properly it could cause the door to crash into the car’s bumper, or any other object in the ground. In this case the cable can slide on one side, while the door is positioned against the surface. Also, you should contact Martin Garage Door technicians for regular safety checks and tune-ups.

Improper spring tension

The tension of springs will be determined by the door’s size. After the springs have been installed they have already been tense. But, if they are not in correct tension, they may interfere with the operation that the cable performs.

The spring could be that it is having not enough or is too strong tension. If it’s too firm the cables could fly out of the drum. In the event that the tension is too low the cables may unwind off the drum.

Incorrect Drum and Cable Sizes

In the event that you own a heavy door, you will require the use of a larger cable. In the event that the cables aren’t large enough for the door’s size the door will be put under too much stress, which causes it to wear down prematurely.

In addition, the drums must be suitable for the size that the doors are. It is necessary to have a bigger drum for an older door. It should be large enough to accommodate the length of cable.

How do you put the Drum Cable on the Garage Door?

Make sure to remember that replacing the garage door’s drum cable is a complicated procedure. You’ll require the appropriate tools, skills and experience to complete this task successfully. To assist you in understanding why your ideal choice is to work with professionals, we’ll discuss the procedure:

What You’ll Have to

The length of your cable may be contingent on the size of the garage door. In the case of a typical residential door that is seven feet high it’s likely that you’ll require 8’6″ cable. Remember that the dimensions of equipment for replacing cables could differ in dimensions.

The tools you’ll require include wrenches, vice grips sockets, cables along with safety glasses in addition to numerous others. Be aware that cables have sharp edges. Therefore, it is important to beware of them in order to safeguard yourself from injury.

Distinguishing the Cable and Drum Separate the Cable and Drum

The door must be closed and in a uniform position with respect to the ground. The procedure also includes taking off the screws from the springs and then completely installing the winding bars at once to prevent injuries.

It is the next stage to release the tension by pulling the springs. Following that, you can make use of a wrench to loosen screws that hold the drum in the top left corner of the garage door. After that it’s time to remove cables from drum. This can be done by disengaging the cable’s connection to the bracket at the bottom.

Installation of the Drum Cable

Use the new cable to connect it to the bracket at the bottom. Then, you must run it towards the drum. Be sure the cable is in between the tracks and rollers. This is required for both sides of the door.

Following that, you must to insert your cable in the slot of the drum. The cable shouldn’t be in a position to overlap. Instead, it must be properly set. Start to wind the cable onto the drum. When you’re done, turn the drum onto it’s bearing plate.

If it’s the left drum then turn it counterclockwise. On the right drum you can turn it clockwise. Screws should be tightened, but leave some room.

Secure the cable securely to the shaft made of steel across the door by using the vice grip pliers. It’s necessary to repeat the same procedure on the opposite face of the door. Once you’ve completed that, utilize your winding bars in order to raise the pressure of the spring. But, it is best to only make one quarter turn at the time.

The locking pliers must be disconnected from the shaft made of metal and then verify that the entire door is properly balanced. You can try lifting the door manually prior to attempting to connect the opener. It should be a level tension between the drums and cables.

If you discover that one side isn’t having sufficient tension, then you’ll need to go through the process again. Pull the emergency release lever to activate the door. Plug the opener. Once you’ve fully opened the door, ensure that there is enough tension between the drums and the cables.

We are familiar with the entire process for replacing a garage door Drum

Garage door drums may be damaged due to rust or dirt accumulation. If this happens the garage door will be shaky and loud.

It is difficult to emphasize enough how crucial the garage door’s importance is. It helps ensure the smooth operation of the entire system working in conjunction with the springs.

But, we’ve stated that replacing the cables and drums is an extremely complicated and risky process. Furthermore, it can be difficult to pick the best option when you don’t have the necessary technical expertise.

As we’ve said, the kind of cable drum you’ll need is contingent on the door’s weight and height as well as the length and thickness of the cable. The best option is to employ Martin Garage Door’s highly skilled technicians.

If you require the replacement of your garage door’s drum You can relax knowing that we’ll be able to provide you with the appropriate kind. We also offer the top brands of garage door parts. Additionally, when you contract with us, you’ll be able to take advantage of discounts and special offers for products and services. services or products.

We are proud to provide the best service in the industry.

Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair is proud to employ skilled, educated and highly skilled technicians who can quickly solve garage door issues. This is the reason we consistently receive high-quality reviews from Yelp (5 Star), BBB (A+) as well as Angie’s List (Super Service Award).

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