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A brand new garage door is an expensive investment. It is therefore important to choose experts with a track record. When it comes to the installation of brand new garage doors Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair is the best choice. We want to provide the highest quality for our clients We offer advice on the most appropriate designs as well as materials and colors for your garage door. We’ll provide all the technological elements that fit with your personal style, lifestyle and budget.

A brand new garage door can be among the most effective ways to improve the value of your home. Call us now by calling (555) 555-5555.

New Garage Door Installation Near You

Garage Door Installation

When it comes time to install the new garage door, it is important to ensure that you are making a well-informed decision. If you choose to work with Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair, you’ll receive expert advice regarding the most appropriate solutions to your specific requirements.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when installing the new garage door:

  • Materials – We provide an array of garage door materials like wood, steel aluminum, faux wood and fiberglass. We’ll also provide you with information on various aspects to take into consideration such as the insulation properties as well as noise factors, cost, and maintenance specifications.
  • Aesthetics – Choose from a vast array of designs, styles and colors.
  • Accessories – You can choose the style for your garage doors by putting glass panels on it as well as window inserts. You may also opt to install a wall- or ceiling mount opener.
  • Security and Safety features In order to increase the safety of garage doors you can include features such as roll-codes, smartphones access as well as keyless access.
  • Energies Efficiency: We are able to suggest and install the best insulation material to get your R-value as well as the energy efficiency you are looking for.

When selecting a garage door, you have take into consideration your budget, lifestyle, and requirements for functionality. When you speak with our experts and experts, you will receive to receive the best suggestions for your needs.

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Garage Door Brands You Trust

If you choose to work with Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair, you will be able to choose from our wide selection of brands for garage doors. Here are the top brand names that we carry:

  • Clopay – It is the one U.S. residential garage door brand that is covered by the Good Housekeeping Seal – the nation’s most recognizable consumer-oriented product seal. This seal proves the strength and durability that comes with Clopay’s garage doors. Each of its doors comes with its own Safe-T-Brackets that are patented and robust tracks, rollers, and hinges. You can therefore expect garage doors from this company to feature sturdy springs as well as hardware that are able to last for an extended time.
  • Amarr The Amarr Amarr is in business since 1951, making Amarr one of the most trusted names when it comes to security and reliability of garage doors. Most Amarr metal doors come using the Amarr SafeGuard security system. This feature is designed to increase the security overall of a home.
  • Wayne Dalton – In the business for more than six years, Wayne Dalton is a company known for its top-quality elegant, fashionable, and high-quality garage doors. There are a variety of choices, including attractive windows, hardware and color.
  • C.H.I. homeowners choose C.H.I garage doors because of its outstanding quality, value and workmanship. C.H.I provides a variety of garage door types, styles of insulation, styles, and colors.
  • Martin Martin Martin Garage doors are well-known because of their top-quality and beautifully designed garage doors. Be sure to get high-performance once you have one of the doors from Martin.

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Top Garage Door Materials

Top New Garage Door Materials

When you choose to work with Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair, you will be able to choose among the following options:

  • Wood – If your goal is an extravagant look to your garage doors, then wood is a great alternative. It will instantly increase the value and aesthetic appeal for your home. In the end, the knots as well as the graining and shades of the wood panels provide a unique design on your garage doors. In addition, wood is an exquisite beauty that will remain unaffected by time and fashions.
  • Steel – If you are looking for a robust, long-lasting, and low-maintenance, opt to a garage door made of metal.
  • Aluminum – It’s not a surprise that aluminium garage doors have become more sought-after. Similar to doors made of steel, they are extremely robust. They are however, more economical and do not become rusty.
  • Fiberglass – Although the fiberglass doors for garages are light however, they can also be very sturdy. Furthermore they can be made to appear the same like wood. Thus, you will have the timeless appeal of wood for a fraction of the cost.
  • Vinyl – If your home is in a coastal zone or an area that is subject to humid and wet climates you should consider an entryway made of vinyl. Vinyl is able to withstand humidity and salt spray or sea. Like fiberglass, it can replicate the natural appearance of wood. You can achieve that traditional look with no associated price cost and maintenance expenses.
  • Glass Garage Doors Garage doors with glass are trending in recent times, particularly for homes with modern design. They can easily give a stylish contemporary, modern, and striking design to any property. They even have the additional advantage of bringing sunlight in your garage. Additionally, they are easy to clean and are immune to corrosion and rust.

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Modern as well as Classic Garage Door Styles

Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair, we offer three garage door designs:

  • Carriage House If you’re looking for an old-fashioned appearance, a traditional carriage house garage door is a great choice. This design was inspired by older American manors that had out-buildings in which they stored or kept their carriages. Then, the automobiles replaced carriages. However, the swing-out house design was used in the majority of traditional garage doors. The carriage house doors were traditionally constructed of wood. Nowadays, they are made in a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl.
  • Contemporary – Crisp and clear lines are the hallmark of modern garage doors. We offer a selection of striking, contemporary glass door styles that can be tinted or paneled to show off your home’s beauty. Glass’s ability to let in natural light makes it more appealing. To make it look more attractive glass, we mix it with hand-crafted wood, faux wood vinyl, steel or aluminum. We also utilize our expertise in technology to ensure the highest performance longevity, durability, in addition to protection from elements.
  • Traditional Raised Panels If you’re seeking the classic American appearance, your best option is the traditional elevated panel for your garage doors. This style is popular with homeowners due to it’s timeless style, dependability and long-lasting. This design is usually found in steel, however we also offer it in wood, fiberglass or composites. To create a striking look you can combine it with the glass, or with other substances.

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The most popular Garage Door Colors

Popular New Garage Door Colors

If you select Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair, you can also pick from a range of garage door colours that evoke elegant, delicate and boldness.

  • Blue – The best thing with blue garage doors is that they are calm, relaxing and refreshing. We have a variety of shades of blue that can be used for garage doors. There are a variety of options available, including midnight blue, aqua, deep blue, marine blue and midnight blue.
  • Black For those who want an elegant and timeless look black is the perfect colour to choose for the garage doors. Based on the style, dark garage doors are able to add interest and a sense of style to the style that you choose for your home. Additionally, black doors are able to cover up imperfections and dirt.
  • Red – Make an exciting and striking statement by installing the Red garage door. Due to its intensity the color red can increase the energy level. It also adds warmness to your home while making a striking impression. People passing by will be immediately aware of your home due to your bright and vivid yellow garage.
  • Yellow is a color that can be used for your garage door. Yellow is a cheerful and cheery color. It can also make an impactful impression when you choose it as the color of your garage door that is yellow. The design of your door can enhance the curb appeal and increase the market price of your home.
  • Purple We also have a selection that includes purple garage doors, from lightest hues up to the darkest shades. Each of these colors can transform your garage door into the perfect conversation piece.
  • White – It’s impossible to miss the appeal of the classic white door for your garage. In reality the white doors for garages are typically the most requested by homeowners, and come in a variety of different white tones.

Custom-made Garage Doors Close to You

carriage house garage doors

If you’re looking for a brand new garage door that is truly distinctive, don’t hesitate to reach us. We also have a relationship with select companies who can customise the design of your garage door and our skilled technicians will handle the installation.

It is not necessary to spend time studying each technical detail. Our team will help you determine the best size, width, materials and finishes, surface treatment paint, and other decorative hardware. We’ll create a the design concept that’s customized to your personal desires and requirements.

If you own a traditional, colonial modern, Mediterranean, Victorian, or Spanish colonial home we’ll create a style that complements your home. In addition to enhancing the look of your home and garage, your garage door will increase the security of your home and function.

New Garage Door FAQs

Q: What is the cost of the Cost of a New Garage Door?

A One example is that according the the Home Advisor The average cost of a brand new garage door is $5,500. But, the typical cost could range from $2150 to more than $10,000. Be aware that your price will vary based on the amount of customization as well as the material you select.

Q: Is It Worth it to replace the Garage Door?

A: A brand new garage door can be a good investment for homeowners of all ages. If you’re planning to renovate your home and want to improve the value of your home by investing in the replacement of your garage door. In the majority of cases the new garage door could increase the selling price of the home by as much as percent.

Q: How often Should you replace Garage Doors?

A: If you maintain it properly the garage door could last up to three decades. In some circumstances it is possible be replacing your doors earlier. For instance, if you reckless driver crashes into the garage doors, then you could be required to replace damaged panels. If you’re in need of a replacement garage door that improves the aesthetics, function in addition to the security and appeal of your home call Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair at (555) 555-5555.

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