Custom Garage Doors

At Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair We are aware of the importance of modifying your garage door to match the unique style and character that is your home. Therefore, you can count on a personal service by us. We’ll take care of your needs by cooperating with only the most experienced and reliable partners to design an individual garage door.

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The Custom Wood Garage Doors

If your home has a sophisticated design, it wouldn’t make sense to install a garage door that is generic. Therefore, if you’d like an elegant wood door with the assistance of our knowledgeable associates, you can get the perfect design and handcrafted garage doors that provide it with a unique feel.

If you decide to go with the custom garage door made of wood You can be sure that the result will go perfectly with the distinctive personal style and design that you have in your home. The garage door is also going to enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Therefore, you can count on our knowledgeable team to collaborate with our selected partners in conceiving a design that maximizes the beauty of your home. Additionally, the most modern techniques of engineering are employed to ensure that your garage door will last and long-lasting. It is also highly efficient. We also have new methods for managing moisture to make the wood garage door insulated from the elements.

custom wood garage doors
custom faux wood garage doors

Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors

Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair has been serving customers with premium garage door repair, installation along with maintenance services. If we partner with our partners for custom garage doors you can count on top-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail when you purchase your custom faux-wood garage door.

If you’re looking to replicate the natural look of wood then this is the more affordable option. It can improve the overall design of your home with a less expensive price.

Custom Steel Garage Doors

There is also Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair and choose from a variety of doors in various styles and sizes. You can count on strong security and reliability with competitive prices.

We have a wide selection of garage doors made of steel in various brands and styles, so you’ll always be assured of high-quality performance and durability. If you’d prefer to personalize this door’s style, then we’ll work with our trusted partners ensure that the door is constructed in accordance with your preferences for design and requirements.

steel garage doors
custom aluminum garage doors

Custom Aluminum Garage Doors

There are many good reasons for why the custom-made aluminum doors for garages continue to increase in popularity. The first reason is that the material is extremely sturdy and robust that it is able to withstand the toughest conditions of weather and keep the appearance of your dark garage doors (or dark-colored door for garages) from discoloring.

It also gives a the impression of modernity and elegance that makes it a great choice for homes with modern and contemporary design. Although aluminum is a light material, it’s also very durable. Our skilled garage door experts can also customize the design to fit the architectural style of your home.

Copper Garage Doors

If you’re looking to add your home an impressive and unique look, you should consider installing an individual steel garage door. It will be stunning immediately after it’s put up, but its appearance will improve with time.

The material is invulnerable to rust, however the process of oxidation causes it to form an appearance of patina, which creates an distinct and distinctive appearance. You can count on us to partner with our clients to help you create an aesthetic that reflects the character and aesthetic.

copper garage doors
glass garage doors

Glass Garage Doors

Your home will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood by installing a custom Glass garage door. Here at Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair we offer an array of unique modern, sleek designs. We collaborate with our partners to create custom designs that enhance the appeal of your home.

Be aware that the installation of a glass garage door needs the skills of skilled technicians. Our team is aware of the nuances and pitfalls of installing a top-quality glass garage door. Therefore, you can count on us to give you an expert opinion on the right solution for your needs.

What are the advantages in a the Custom Garage Doors?

Neighborhoods used to be dotted with homes that were built in the Colonial style. Today the designs of homes are more varied than ever before. This is why garage doors that are custom-designed have become essential, particularly for homes with higher end features.

If you would like garage doors that reflect the distinct design of your house the best option is to personalize it. Here are some advantages of having custom garage doors:

  • Durability – Customizing lets you to choose the materials that will be used for the garage door. You can select more durable alternatives like wood, aluminum or even glass.
  • Aesthetics: Your garage door will have an impact on aesthetics and appearance of the home. By modifying its appearance it will also improve the appearance of your whole home.
  • Insulation – When you decide to make your garage door more unique it is also possible to equip it with weatherstripping to reduce draft. In winter and the summer it is possible to control the temperature in your garage.
  • Value of Property – A custom garage door is an investment that will last for a long time. option for developing your home. In addition to enhancing its appearance as well as increasing the value of reselling.
  • Security – Personalizing your garage door lets you select durable, safe and strong materials. You could even include sensors using photoelectric technology that stop your door from opening in case any obstructions are in close proximity.

Custom Garage Door FAQs

Can Garage Doors are available in custom Sizes?

For large pickup trucks, heavy-duty pickups and conversion vehicles the standard garage door dimensions are not enough. Luckily custom garage doors are able to be found in a variety of sizes. Here are a few most popular choices:

  • 10 inches wide and 8 feet tall Single door size suitable for large vehicles
  • At at least 10′ tall high-profile vehicles
  • 12-14 wide tall and 14-16′ wide recreational vehicles
  • 36-40″ wide 8′ high x 36-40′ wide – triple garage doors that can accommodate the upmost three automobiles
  • 6 inches wide 6′ wide 6.5 tall – workshop

What is it cost to construct an Entry Door for a Garage?

As per the Home Advisor the average cost of installing a garage door is $1,157. If you’re planning to purchase one garage door, be prepared to spend anywhere from $600 to $1,500. This includes labor and around $300 per door.

What is the Cost of an Elegant Garage Door Cost?

Customized work and designs that are high-end typically vary from $1500 to $10,000, which does not include costs to cover labor costs, openers and locks.

High-Quality Service from Start to End

As an established family-owned business we approach every project as if it was our own. If you decide to choose us to construct your customized garage doors, count on unbeatable service and quality.

We place a premium on customer satisfaction. It is evident in our consistently Yelp 5-star reviews, BBB A+ rating and Angie’s List Super Service Award. If you choose us to be your service provider we can provide:

  • Your new garage door
  • Professional craftsmanship that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home
  • Rapid, instant and same-day installation
  • Security and security inspections

If you’re looking to experience the best service for your customized garage door, contact us today toll-free at (555) 555-5555.

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