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Quiet robust, durable, and sturdy If these are qualities you’re looking for in a garage door opener we’ve the answer for you Garage door openers from SOMMER. Contact us right now by calling (555) 555-5555.

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Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair knows the significance of the durability, strength and smoothness of garage door openers. That’s why we’ve collaborated in partnership with SOMMER brand to offer their wide range of openers for garage doors featuring the most advanced technology in Europe.

With SOMMER we guarantee the longevity of the garage door opener. Its DC motor of 24 volts is located on the garage door rather than the rear of the opener, ensuring maximum performance while minimizing wear and wear. It comes with a life-time warranty that we are pleased to service.

Get the most quiet garage door opener in the business. Contact us now for installation of an SOMMER garage opener.

Find a durable Direct Drive Garage Door opener at SOMMER

Garage door openers from SOMMER are renowned for their motors that glides quietly, with almost no vibrations on an unmoving chain. This allows for a high degree of endurance due to just one moving component. In addition, the motor for the opener is situated at the door, not at the rear of the opener, for more efficient performance. The best part with SOMMER is the fact that they provide lifetime guarantees on their entire line of openers. Not only on the motor and chain.

Here are the various garage door openers made by SOMMER that we offer:

  • Synoris 800 – This motor is powerful and is suitable for doors that weigh more. It puts less strain on the motor and gear since this 800 Newton motor (equal to 1 HP) is directly attached to the door. It moves quietly on a stationary chain that is encased in a strong steel rail.
  • Synoris 550 – This is SOMMER’s Standard model that has an motor of 550 Newton (equal 3 HP). It does not have a moving belt or chain and is ideal for homes that have living spaces over or near the garage.
  • Synoris 550 Synoris 550 is a versatile garage door model that could have the motor of 550 Newton (equal approximately 3/4HP) as well as an 800 Newton motor (equal to 1 HP). It is able to be installed wherever.
  • Direct Drive Direct Drive – This garage door opener is of top quality, durable and quiet. It’s very simple to set up and very durable. It’s available as either a 3/4 HP or 1 HP variant, which features an stationary chain that is mounted on strong steel rails and it has just one moving component, which is in the moving motor carriage.
  • SOMMER the evoand Garage door opener is equipped with an intelligent motor that gives ample space for the installation of advanced garage door openers.

All SOMMER garage door openers are renowned for the highest quality, safety and flexibility.

Call us toll-free at (555) 555-5555 to talk about the installation.

Martin Garage Doors is a Trustworthy SOMMER Dealer

SOMMER Synoris 800 Garage Door Opener

Reliable and revolutionary – that’s what we’d call this SOMMER Synoris garage door opener with 550. With an 554 Newton motor that opens the garage door, it offers a smooth operation, with the highest ability to run the garage doors. It comes with a lifetime guarantee for the entire opener, not just the motor and belt.

The SOMMER Garage Door Duo is a Synoris-based garage opener.

Select to go with the Synoris 800 – SOMMERs deluxe garage door opener model. The Synoris 800 is known for its revolutionary design and durable garage door opener, this model is powerful and can be used to lift massive garage doors. The garage door opener is backed by an unbeatable warranty for all the equipment used to open doors and not just the motor and chain.

Sommer Synoris Duo Garage Door Opener

The most versatile garage door opener that is available, it is the Sommer Synoris Dup can be equipped with either an 800 or 550 Newton motor. The control housing is installed anywhere, integrating areas that are accessible, lighting, and electrical options. It also comes with the benefit of a lifetime warranty for the whole opener, not just the motor and belt.

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