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If you own an STANLEY® garage door opener but you are experiencing problems with it, please contact us. Our skilled technicians can arrive to quickly fix, replace or maintain or replace your STANLEY® garage door opener. Contact us right now by calling (555) 555-5555.

Garage Door Repair and Service Repairs in STANLEY® Garage Doors Close to Me

Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair has several locations to fulfill the STANLEY® garage door repair and replacement requirements. If you need an opener or garage door installed or repaired or replaced one of our skilled technicians will help you.


STANLEY® Garage Door Opener Frequently Asked Questions

STANLEY® is most well-known for hand tools. However, in the beginning of the 1970s STANLEY® had also become a well-known manufacturer of garage doors, as well as other accessories. The year 2001 saw STANLEY® stopped manufacturing repair and replacement of the garage doors as well as openers. The best method to obtain garage door parts or fixing your door in the present is to call an expert garage door service firm.

Can I replace my STANLEY® garage door opener remote?

You can upgrade you STANLEY® garage door opener remote from a garage door and accessory retailer like Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair.

Can you program an older STANLEY® garage door opener remote?

  1. The majority of STANLEY® garage openers use the same procedure to reset their remotes. Here are the most common steps to reset to reset your STANLEY® remote.
  2. Find the button located at the rear of your STANLEY® motor, marked “R” or “Learn/Teach”
  3. Push the button till the LED light above the button flash.
  4. Utilizing your remote, hold your remote’s “Homelink” button until the light turns on quickly
  5. When you notice the blinking light flashing on the motor unit of your device, it means that your remote has now programed.

Where can I purchase parts and other accessories to the STANLEY® Garage Door Opener?

Get parts replacements that will work with the repair of your STANLEY® garage doors with Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair. We will help you choose the correct component to complete the needs of your STANLEY® garage repair. Typically, the replacement parts provided from Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair for STANLEY® garage doors comprise:

  • Garage door torsion springs
  • Extension springs
  • Cables
  • Cable drums
  • Brackets Bearings
  • More!

How can I get my STANLEY® garage door opener repaired?

Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair offers more than STANLEY® garage door replacement parts. Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair also repairs STANLEY® garage doors as well as door openers. If you require assistance in getting replacement parts or assistance in repairing or repair your STANLEY® garage door we’re available 24/7 for urgent garage door service.

We are aware of the difficulties you face when there’s an issue in you STANLEY® garage door opener particularly since it’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate components for the opener. However, rest assured that we will try our best to repair your opener. If we can’t locate the necessary components in the inventory we have, we will attempt to seek the parts for you. We also have a lot of experience on replacement parts to replace of the original STANLEY® part.

We also have the expertise to solve every issue you could face in the STANLEY® garage door opener. Our technicians are well-trained to handle all garage door related issues.

  • Experienced in replacing parts to replace the original STANLEY® parts
  • Highly skilled and experienced technicians
  • Cost estimates and expert advice

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you call us if you have any problem regarding an opener for your garage.

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