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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Brand

Do you need to replace your Wayne Dalton idrive TorqueMaster®? Contact Martin Garage Door and Spring Repair Near You

It is essential to keep the garage door opener operating in top condition to ensure its top performance as well as durability and particularly, security. Therefore, if there’s a problem with the garage door opener no matter the manufacturer, just contact us. One of our experienced technicians will identify and fix the problem.

Garage door openers that are not working properly could cause accidents. as such, we suggest regular maintenance check-ups and inspections of the garage door opener. We have a team of highly trained technicians is well-trained to deal with any garage door opener issues.


Looking for Wayne Dalton idrive TorqueMaster® Parts?

If you are having issues with the operation of your Wayne Dalton garage door opener, give us an email or call. Wayne Dalton® has stopped producing garage door openers as well as most of the internal components that comprise its Torsion iDrive and TorqueMaster®.

If we are able to locate parts that aren’t available, we’ll take care of it. If not, we will provide you with additional possibilities. There are common problems in both models which can be addressed. For instance, we can repair non-responsive remotes and wall operators and will likely be able to correct specific motor problems.

It is essential to contact a professional to examine and repair your garage door opener. it is not recommended repair work yourself since it can be hazardous to those who don’t have the appropriate education.

Rely on our skilled technicians to complete the task for you paying attention to the smallest of details and with safety with safety in mind.

In the event that your garage is operating by an Wayne Dalton® opener and you’re experiencing issues with it, please call us for a discussion. We have experts who can fix the issue with your Wayne Dalton garage door opener swiftly and effectively.

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We called to schedule an appointment to replace seals made of rubber. The scheduling agent was friendly and was in a position to schedule us for the following day. It was not an urgent problem, but we were happy with the quick visit. Tech William was extremely pleasant and enjoyable working with. We ended up with a nearly total overhaul of the garage the door's lift. More than I anticipated at this time of the year, but the system is so much better. We will definitely be working with them again.

We are pleased with our 4.9/5 rating across 100+ Google reviews.